lee “likes” being misunderstood

In my world, life is a strange ebb and flow between ease and noise. What happens when a band attempts to take on that see-saw of emotions and mold it into a song? … Well, that song pretty much sums up my life. Lots of easy highs, lots of rough lows and lots and lots of complicated noise in between. Somehow, when you take a step back from life though, don’t you find that life is pretty darn beautiful, no matter what card you were handed, right? Life’s an amazing journey. Being a fan of Wilco since — well, since way before they “jumped the shark” and sold out larger venues — I feel like Wilco exemplifies this ebb and flow better than any band out there today. After all these trying years, Jeff Tweedy and gang know the masses are now finally following their rock & roll life catalogue, yet they seemingly dismiss the rock & roll life that we would come to expect from a band of Wilco’s stature. Wilco is comprised of musicians, making music — the music and noise of life. “I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL … FOR NOTHING … I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL FOR NOTHING AT ALL.” Well, probably not my blog-followers. Haha. This track/performance exemplifies that ebb and flow. I guess we’re all just “misunderstood,” right? … Goosebumps. Pure, Goosebumps.

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