lee “likes” a feeling

We’ve got to put The Beatles up here somewhere, right? My mom pretty much raised me with all their albums, on vinyl, of course (which I still have). I could post a bunch of my favorite Beatles “goosebump” tunes: “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Oh Darling,” “I Am The Walrus,” “Helter Skelter,” “She Said, She Said,” and all the greatest hits that everyone sings along to, of course. Near the top of my list is “I’ve Got A Feeling” because it’s so raw and Paul and John go back and forth, with such juxtaposition, so well. I adore their infamous rooftop concert (atop Apple Studios on famous Seville Row in London in 1969). [UPDATE: The rooftop concert clips have been pulled from YouTube. If you find a link online, please send it my way.] So, if you want some goosebumps (especially when Paul belts out “Yeah! YEAH!!! I’ve got a feeling!!!” followed by John nonchalantly singing, “Everyone had a hard year. Everyone had a good time.”), give this a rooftop whirl …

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