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February 16, 2012 by leemporter

lee “likes” acapella rage

I’ve seen Rage Against The Machine perform live many times. I can hardly describe the mega-powerful force that fuels their concerts, from their monster sound to the juiced up crowd. I posted their ridiculous live cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Ghost of Tom Joad” below. And, while I’ve literally been blown away by their massive¬†arsenal¬†when I’ve seen them in huge arenas or at outdoor festivals, I would trade it all to have been at this small, impromptu, live, acapella performance which they dropped outside the 2008 RNC in Minneapolis. I love Tom and Zack cracking smiles throughout their performance (which you rarely ever see) as if they themselves can’t believe that they are dropping an acapella version of their tunes on the streets of Minneapolis. It’s inspiring and, yes, of course, if you have a pulse, it’s pure GOOSEBUMPS. Enjoy …

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