lee “likes” clapton’s “little red rooster” solo w the stones

It’s December 19, 1989. You’re at the Convention Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Rolling Stones are in the midst of their Steel Wheels tour. Legendary blues guitarist Eric Clapton steps out to join them for the blues classic “Little Red Rooster” (often credited to Howlin’ Wolf), and Clapton proceeds to drop, without a doubt, one of his greatest live solos of all time. The subtle look that Mick Jagger gives Clapton as they pass each other in the middle of the song, as Clapton wraps up his solo, is priceless [UPDATE: They have removed the official video with this priceless interaction, but there are still some videos of this performance — sans Mick/Eric interaction — online, like this one]. Goosebumps …



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